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Meeting the Millenials

Meeting the Millenials



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Google Paid Search (PPC)

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St Mary’s University is a leading London Institute based in Twickenham, offering a range of undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses, specialising in sports science.

Our brief was to increase St Mary's penetration of the Indian international student market and generate enquiries from students interested in studying in the UK.

We started out by building detailed targeting of the Indian market, locating the key institutes of prospective international students based upon income and English language skills and further identifying the accommodation and socialising locations of families of high net worth.


We carried out extensive research into target cities to identify the precise locations of our audience.


We drew up a list of higher secondary schools, colleges and universities that graduate our ideal student recruits.


We researched residential areas of affluence that would have families of high net worth and identified the commuting routes to these locations.


We then looked at the local entertainment and recreational activities, such as shopping malls and café culture to find the locations that young students would socialise.

We used this research to set up highly targeted geo-location campaigns. Building out audience segments we were able to target users based upon age, education, net worth and interests.
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Unique User Experiences

Multi-channel funneling

Multi-channel funneling

Our in-house development team built a marketing mini-site that we hosted and managed. We integrated a sophisticated user journey that allowed the user to enter their contact details to download an international study mini-guide.

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The campaign delivered a high brand and direct response reach to highly relevant audiences in key institutes, residential and recreational locations.


  • Impressions – 1,900,000
  • Clicks – 29,000
  • Full views of marketing video – 13,500
  • Leads – 1,350

In addition to the delivery of brand reach and leads, all our reports contain a detailed breakdown and analysis of the campaign. We explain the performance of the activity and provide detailed market insight for future marketing purposes.

Want to improve your conversion rate?

Want to improve your conversions?