In an industry awash with clichés and stereotypes, one recruitment company – Novo UK – is challenging the status quo and pushing back against common preconceptions.

When Red Squirrel were first invited to look at the marketing concepts behind the new Novo launch and to read the brief for their new web development, it quickly became apparent that we were dealing with a completely different animal.

With a large slice of humility and a healthy smattering of brutal honesty, when speaking with the Novo team it was blatantly obvious how frustrated they were with the recruitment sector getting a bad reputation (understandably in their words) for being a sales-based game lacking credibility and class.

Working alongside Director Gary Melton and Marketing Manager Neal Rawlinson, Red Squirrel were tasked with building a deep understanding of Novo’s service-driven approach to recruitment and then incorporating this into a website that fully encapsulates their unique, no-nonsense ethos both visually and functionally.

We needed to bring this approach together with a daring new brand concept that took the user experience to a whole new level, worlds apart from the formulaic London Skylines, men in suits shaking hands and pictures of desks we constantly associate with recruitment websites.

Our second challenge was to bring Novo to life and create a real sense of their very distinctive culture – again, in huge contrast to the overly corporate boiler room environments typical of the sector and which forms a key part of their strength as a brand – while also outlining their unquestionable experience and expertise.

The new Novo brand is daring and inspiring and it has truly been a privilege working with a recruiter that has the vision and courage to take the recruitment industry in a new direction.

Working with Gary, Neal and the Novo team has been a real eye opener and an absolute pleasure – the fact that they’re as mad as a box of frogs has only helped!

Take a look at the live site – – and please give us your feedback and comments on Novo’s new approach to recruitment!