Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms out there and a vital (and free!) marketing tool for your business. It can showcase your company culture, your people and all the key elements that make up your USP – the crucial part is turning your engaged followers into customers.

So how can you attract more followers on Instagram and grow your business organically?

Instagram Influencers

An effective way of growing your Instagram account (and hence your business) is to connect with influencers in your industry.

Instagram influencer marketing introduces the customer to your brand from a trusted source (the influencer) in a casual way instead of via a traditional ad. This maximises the chances of someone following your business account and become a customer/client.


Use hashtags to attract new customers that would be interested in your content or product. You can even use a branded hashtag unique to your business – either the name of your brand or anything that represents its culture. Use this branded hashtag on all of your photos and, with time, your followers will start using it on their photos too.

Be consistent

If you want to get more followers on Instagram organically, it’s important that you stick with a theme. If your theme is coffee, don’t confuse people by sharing too many cat photos, for example. People started following your account because of the type of photos you share – don’t switch things around too much. And be sure to use high-quality photos that showcase your brand in the best possible light.

Community content

There really is a community for everything. Investing time in your community members by liking, commenting and even sharing their content is a great way to capture more Instagram followers and turn them into loyal customers.

Turn your bio into a call to action

Your Instagram bio should be able to convey what your business does and tell a customer how to find you, while showcasing the company’s personality and prompting the customer to take action. You can also include a hashtag to encourage followers to associate their content with your brand and expand your business’s visibility.

The field for entering a URL in your profile is essential and you should make the most of it. When you want to promote new content, place a short, trackable link in the bio. You can then promote the content via the photo caption on your latest post (i.e. “Check the link in our bio for more!”). Be sure to change the link regularly and according to the content you want to promote.

Timing is everything

Top brands only post about five times a week, so the key is not the quantity of posts but the quality and consistency. Create a schedule around the best times of day for engagement. This varies day by day, though after-work hours are generally best because that’s when people tend to spend more time on their phones checking social media (or that’s the theory, at least).

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