Google wants you to be relevant, customers want you to be helpful, GDPR wants you to be honest and you just want to get your brand out there. More than ever, it’s crucial to get your story straight.

The only certainty in life is that life is uncertain. It's difficult to predict whether tomorrow will bring blizzards or heat waves, cyber attacks or military coups, or whether Tescos will still have courgettes come Monday. Digital offers a sanctuary from uncertainty. Digital is your reliable best friend. You know where you stand with digital.

Tell the Right Story

Or at least, we think we do. The level of immediacy promised by the online world has created even greater expectations around transparency. In an era of increasingly short attention spans, brands have unique but infinitesimally small (micro in fact) opportunities to capture attention and opportunity. Moving forward, these online transactions will be defined by trust.

Being digital obsessives, we’re obsessed with the next wave of tools designed to provide the certainty that your marketing activities are actually paying off – and that your visitors are getting fair treatment. 

In a time of rapid change and digital growth, mastering the channels that make your brand an online native is not just important, but essential to giving your brand long-term life.

Reach the Right People

In an era of “peak stuff”, the digital realm offers limitless opportunities. Seemingly, any form of surplus is worthy of monetisation: empty houses; sheds; parking spaces; washing machines – if you own it and it’s going spare (at least some of the time) there’s probably someone working on an app to monetise it.

How do brands get it right? They optimise and tailor their message to resonate with the right online audience.

The future of innovation may lie, at least to a certain extent, in digital start-ups filling micro-niches made reachable by peer-to-peer tech, blockchain and the ubiquitousness of smartphones. The interesting part is how these upstart businesses are reaching their audiences, and how they’re imprinting their brand on the collective conscience.

So instead of waiting around in the hope that your marketing strategies will pay off, like the next cryptocurrency fad, get stuck into digital the Red Squirrel way. Don't be a victim of the trough of disillusionment – be one of the next great innovators and thrive in the digital ecosystem.