There are many reasons why your business should publish a blog: it’s your direct communication channel with customers and clients; it gives your company a voice; it allows you to share your expertise and – most importantly – it provides insight into your audience and helps drive SEO.

Here are a few tips for you to consider when writing a blog for your business:

Visuals are the key to success

People want visuals, so even if you only share one header image on your post, it gives the reader an idea of what the content is about and, chances are, that image will stick in your reader’s mind throughout the whole post – so make sure you use an appropriate one.

Using personal images or videos will also enhance your credibility by proving that ‘you’ve been there’. You didn’t just sit at your desk, open your laptop and decide to start writing random posts. Use visuals to get closer to your followers.

They want to see PEOPLE

Speaking of followers, you want to attract the right kind. And by the right kind, we mean the ones that are actually interested in the product or service that you’re offering. Followers won’t stay for too long if there isn’t someone behind the blog. They need a face they can relate to and a personality to get to know. So don’t be scared to upload employee photos, events, social evenings etc. – with their permission of course.

Our former Social Media Manager, Melissa, has been running a lifestyle blog for over six years and saw a big boom in followers and engagement the day she started posting more photos of herself while writing hotel and restaurant reviews, blogging about her trips across Africa and even reviewing beauty products. People saw a face they could relate to, and that was all they needed as a reason to follow.

Visit Melissa’s blog here: Tiger On a Gold Leash

Schedule all the way to the top!

When it comes to blogging, consistency plays an important role. Writing a post today and not writing another for two months won’t get your business anywhere. The ideal approach would be to write one a week and then schedule the same post to go out on social media several times over the following months, targeting the audience that didn’t have the chance to read it the first time it was shared.

To do this, it’s important that you write timeless blog posts that are relevant today, but also in six months’ time when you’ll share it again.

Be creative!

Stay up to date with all the industry trends, but once you’ve decided what to write about, try to give it a different approach. What hasn’t been said yet? What questions haven’t been answered yet? Your alternative spin on topics is what will make people want to read your blogs.

And remember, blogging is a way to tell your brand’s story by offering insight into your company, philosophy, employees and inspiration. Think creative and stay true to your culture.