The sheer range of options available within the digital marketing arena can be baffling. We’ll guide you through them, recommending the channels that will maximise ROI for your budget. In doing so, we’ll carefully consider how each of these should work within your overall marketing activity.



Over the last few years, Display has emerged as one of the most innovative areas within the digital marketing landscape. Revolutionary new techniques enable you to position your brand within a content framework that’s relevant to your ideal target audience.

By closely managing the real-time bidding process and using analytical insight, we’ll make certain you reach this key audience at the lowest possible cost. We’ll also optimise your campaign on a daily basis, ensuring that it delivers the maximum ROI.


Often described as the future of online advertising, the term ‘programmatic’ buying means purchasing ad space automatically or through an RTB (real-time bidding) process.

By employing a combination of AI technology, behavioural insight and automated bidding programmatic campaigns we’ll enable you to find new customers and generate a high ROI through precise targeting.


The programmatic process takes a fresh look at your ideal target audience by tracking the behavioural activity of customers who visit your website.  After building a profile of your ideal customer, the automated placement targets people who haven’t been to your site before. It then uses behavioural insights into their current online activity to target them when they’re nearing the purchase stage of the buying cycle. In this way, we can ensure the campaign reaches the right people at the right time – and at the right price.

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Paid Search


Paid Search should be at the top of your list when you choose which channels to use for your online marketing mix. Our PPC campaign management is all about truly understanding your customers, and plays a vital part in building an accurate picture of the search terms they’ll use to find your company.

Your account manager will work to create, optimise and continuously improve your campaigns – ensuring at all times that maximum ROI is being provided at minimum spend.

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Red Squirrel Digital has developed a highly effective method of managing organic search as part of an integrated digital marketing strategy.

Using a multi-channel approach, we’ll harness our marketing channel insights to develop a highly focused SEO strategy that delivers relevant traffic to your site.

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In principle, lead generation is a straightforward process. First, find out who’s interested in your products and/or services; then collect their details and close the deal. In practice, though, it’s a lot harder.

Historically, finding leads has been fraught with problems due to the lack of transparency on the true quality of the data received.

Are the leads really interested in what you’re selling? Are they able to buy? Is it the right time to try and convert them?

With the advance of tracking and by using true validation processes, Red Squirrel can now answer these questions. We’ll validate, enrich and certify all leads before passing them on to you. So whether they’re uploaded into your CRM or fed directly to your sales team, we’ll make certain that all leads are of the highest quality.