University of Brighton

The brief

To enhance brand awareness and drive attendee sign-ups for three international student recruitment events in Kuala Lumpur.

Our strategy

Geo-located RTB display campaign: We used geo-targeting to pinpoint specific university campuses in Kuala Lumpur that fitted the ideal candidate criteria for recruits. Using a programmatic buying process, the campaign targeted postgraduate students and parents on their mobile devices within a set radius around these campuses. All clicks were driven to a dedicated country landing page that generated appointments for suitable applicants to meet with an international recruitment team member.

The results

With a reach of 684,000 impressions, the campaign drove over 6,000 clicks generating 124 meetings, which resulted in 43 accepted offers.


The University of Brighton is a multi-disciplinary institution with over 21,000 students across five campuses. It’s an education leader in the fields of Medicine, Engineering, Nursing and Pharmacy.