The brief

To manage all the company’s social media channels, create and post content, and grow and engage the follower base.

Our strategy


Our first task was to carry out a brand immersion exercise to develop a full understanding of the brand message and target audience. After this, we carried out a full audit of all previous content creation, and ran an analytical report on engagement and follower numbers in relation to the type of content being posted.

From these insights, we created a strategy that set out content focus, posting frequency and audience profiling. We also began collaborative partnerships with relevant bloggers who had a strong follower base that fitted with the ideal target audience of the brand.

Finally, we developed paid promotional campaigns around key events such as sales and new store launches, to ensure a reach that extended outside the existing audience.

The results

Over a three-month period we delivered a significant increase on all channels. Having identified Instagram as the channel that had the most potential to reach a new audience, our tailored channel approach drove over 150% month-on-month uplift in followers.


Founded in 1976, Jacadi is a leading high-end children’s wear brand with 270 stores and three online shops across 35 countries.